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In order to take care of my family, Hydroxy Esthetics is on hiatus until further notice.  

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Personalized Package

Personalized Package  $100  (75 minutes)

This is your WOW treatment and the most requested service at Hydroxy Esthetics!  Combining dermaplaning, specialized peel/exfoliation, personalized mask, facial massage, plus a lash or brow service, this treatment leaves your skin glowing and your best features enhanced.  The double exfoliation tightens, brightens, and clarifies any skin type while a personalized mask plumps, balances, and soothes.  Allow your body to melt into the heated table with warm hand and foot mitts to enhance this skin care experience.  For a maximum experience, treat yourself to an eye mask listed just below...

Tightening & Cooling Eye Mask  $9  (10 minutes)  Add on this refreshing enhancement to any facial service and leave feeling with your eyes bright and your skin tight.  Hyaluronic Acid plumps thirsty and dehydrated skin while caffeine gently helps to flush stagnate fluids that cause puffiness.  Light massage and lymphatic drainage techniques will be performed while you're masking to enhance the benefits of the mask.  Shake off that tired look and leave feeling fresh!

Skin Perfecting Treatments

Customized Facial  $70  (60 minutes)                                                                     

Relax into an hour of pampering while your skin is being treated with luxurious yet effective ingredients to balance and refresh any skin type.  Hand, face, and neck massages help melt you into the heated treatment table.   

Series Package of 4 Customized Facials with a 10% discount  $252   

Treat yourself to regular facials and save money while you do it.  Facials never expire and feel free to treat a friend to one, too! 

Advanced Superficial Peel  $60  (40 minutes)                                                                                  

This is for those who are in need of an anti-aging, brightening, or clarifying treatment + soothing mask to help reduce breakouts, refine, and firm the skin.  It is best to receive this treatment after receiving the Personalized Package or Customized Facial to ensure your skin is qualified and prepped for this advanced treatment.   


Dermaplaning  $55  (30 minutes)                                                                                                        

Get the results of a chemical peel without the chemicals!  Remove unwanted facial hair and hardened dead skin cells simultaneously and leave with a gorgeous glow.  A sterile professional-only treatment that is suitable for most skin types! 


Peel/Dermaplaning Combo   $85  (55 minutes)

If you're not in need of a brow or lash enhancement, this facial is result-oriented yet relaxing to experience.  Beginning with the Dermaplaning to create an even foundation for the chemical exfoliation, this double duo packs punch of rejuvenation to firm, clarify, brighten hyperpigmentation, balance dryness, and smooth the skin.  Followed by a moisture-rich, calming mask, this facial gives results.  


Extractions Facial   $65.00  (45 minutes)

Needing some extra time for pore extractions?  After a salicylic based pumpkin enzyme treatment, pores will release hardened oil and bacteria.  An aloe or clay mask post extractions, will help to reduce bacteria and inflammation in the skin and leave you and your skin feeling anew. 

Teen Facial  $60  (45 minutes)

Specifically tailored to what many teens experience, this gentle yet pore cleansing facial helps to balance teen breakouts, oiliness, and imbalances while leaving the skin soothed.   


Gentlemen's Facial   $70  (60 Minutes)

Whether he is experiencing oily congested pores, irritated in-grown beard hair, or is just in need of some R & R, this facial deeply cleanses the thicker male skin through customized exfoliation while including facial and scalp massage to help him unwind.  

Sugaring and Waxing Services

  • Brows $19  (15 minutes)
  • Brow/Lip combo $25   (20 minutes)
  • Lip $15  (10 minutes)
  • Chin or Cheeks $15  (15 minutes)
  • Full Face $55   (30 minutes)
  • Underarms $20  (15 minutes)
  • Bikini $40  (20 minutes)
  • Extended Bikini $48  (25 minutes)
  • Brazilian $70  (45-60 minutes)
  • Maintenance Brazilian $60  (45 minutes)
  • Half Leg & knee  $50  (40 minutes)
  • Full Leg $68  (45 minutes)
  • Full Leg with Basic Bikini $90   (60 minutes)
  • Full Leg with Extended Bikini $105   (60+ minutes)
  • Back  $60  (60 minutes)

Lash & Brow Enhancements

  • LashBomb Lash Lift w/tint $65  (55 minutes)

  • LashBomb Lash Lift $55  (45 minutes)

  • Brow Lamination w/tint $55  (35 minutes)

  • Brow Lamination $45  (30 minutes)

  • Brow Tint $15  (10 minutes)
  • Lash Tint $20  (20 minutes)